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Learn about each category of worker including the benefits they’re entitled to and how to determine which type of worker you employ.

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The key point here is not to stand out for what you fail to do.

Smile often, shake hands, and be on good terms with everyone you meet, even if someone is rude to you.

The more people in your network, the more connections you have to other companies and other potential employment opportunities.

When you're working a temp job, every colleague or boss is someone who can potentially refer you for another temp job or even a full-time position.

This is yet another reason to be friendly and flexible.

When you volunteer to take on new job duties, it often puts you in the view of other bosses who might be looking to fill positions on their own teams.Once the student receives an email notice about a temp job that interests them, they contact the hiring department directly.Upon hire, the student must visit the Office of Student Employment Services (SES) for a green timecard.Unlike traditional student jobs where students have to submit an application and wait to be contacted, with ‘temp’ jobs, students contact the employer directly.To get started, students must complete the Temp Jobs Application.Once approved, the student will begin receiving temp job notices via email.The approval process takes 24–48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.One of the best ways to combat this stigma is to be someone your coworkers enjoy working with.They'll get used to having you around and not want to see your temp assignment end.While not all temp jobs turn into permanent employment, they do offer learning, growth, and networking experiences that aid in finding full-time work.Here are a few tips for how to make the most of a temporary job These are the same rules that apply for any job.


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