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Beside that , in Malaysia , there are 3 major races which are Malay , Chinese and Indian .

There are also have racism problem among these 3 races. Racism problem will occur easily when 2 different religion interact together. Furthermore, racism can influence wars , slavery , the formation of nations and legal codes .

In 17th to 18th centuries, the slavery system is common in America. There are four types of racism which are: Historical racism Scientific racism Institutional racism New racism Based on derivation and common decent; it identifies a universe with a common origin in history, but not a population with a persist biological character; used to define country states in Europe; expressed through national symbols, such as Nazi eagle, Aryan cross; believed in low quality of some nations over others.

The Black people worked as slave for the White people. Fortunately, President Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery. ( Another example , when Portuguese sailors first explored Africa in the 15th and 16th centuries , they came upon empires and cities as advanced as their own and they considered Africans to be serious rivals . Portuguese was the winner of the match , they began to plunder the continent and forcibly remove its inhabitants to work as slave . ( Think that we can all be characterized by race with certain physical traits, such as brain size, sloping forehead; there is a hierarchy of races; biology determines intelligence; some races need to cultivate others providing a justification for colonialism.

If the wars happen, the country might loss a lot of people .

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So , we have to find solution to prevent or solve this problem .

Finally, I found a topic is suitable for my research project. Racism might be occurred in any places like school, country and so on.

In Malaysia, the racism problem had happened recently. So I decided to choose this topic to alert everyone anti-racism.

Besides that, European is divided into two level which are the rich and the poor. For an example, there are high-class restaurants specially for the rich only. The rich had prejudice that the poor have high potential of committing crime and that they basically looked like criminal.

( Europe ) Before Africa become an independent country , there are a lot of wars ,fight occur and conflict between the aborigines and foreigners.


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