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From this background, the primary fear was that while a republican government was desirable in order to defend liberty, it was not possible over a large geographic area, such as the United States, because it had never been accomplished before.

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Hamilton concludes the first section of the Federalist Papers by telling the people that it might seem unnecessary to plead for a strong Union, but the country is too large to establish a national system of government.

In the end, however, the last question is whether the people adopt the Constitution or whether they will see the end of a united government.

He addresses people questioning his willingness to listen to other arguments because he has already made up his mind to support the Constitution.

However, he admits that, while his motives for urging ratification of the Constitution are personal, his arguments are open.

It is also interesting to note that the "world-wide" fame that Hamilton speaks of in this essay occurred, just as the Founding Father predicted.

The United States Constitution that Hamilton defended has become one of the most copied and admired documents in the history of civilization.

The other major pitfall of republics had been class war, something that the Founding Fathers had seen in the recent Shay's Rebellion.

More specifically regarding the text, the introduction to the Federalist Papers contains the outline of Hamilton's "argument," the basic points that he wishes to discuss for ratifying the new Constitution.

Introduction -- Note on the text -- Contents of the Federalist Papers -- The Federalist Papers -- The Constitution of the United States of America, collated with The Federalist Papers -- index of ideas.

The efforts of these three men resulted in The Federalist Papers - an authoritative analysis of the Constitution of the United States and an enduring classic of political philosophy that takes its place in history beside the Constitution itself."--Message to mankind."Alexander Hamilton, in an energetic effort to win over his home state, began a series of essays explaining and defending the Constitution.


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