The Island Of Dr Moreau Essay

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Hence, both men in their own way demonstrate a scientist perusing their experimentations and trying to play an all-powerful God; and attempt to bend the laws of nature to fit their sinister agendas.

Although there are similarities between Victor and Moreau that cannot be ignored, the differences are also pronounced.

Especially differences in character more so the difference in the way they perceive morality and in how they accept moral responsibility for what they do. This shows that his morals are higher than Moreau, who is not bothered by the painful screams of the animals he experiments on and in fact revels in it because it makes him seem more godlike since he has the power to stop the pain but he does not instead, he chants: “His is the House of Pain; His is the Hand that makes; His is the Hand that wounds; His is the Hand that heals” (The Island of Doctor Moreau 118).

He is arbitrarily inflicting pain on other living beings because he wants them to surpass their trivial bestial limitations; in doing this, he also is intentionally trying to break the bounds of his own human imitations by being an innovative god who can generate intellectual life from primal beings.

The article: Scientist accused of playing God after creating artificial life by making designer microbe from scratch – but could it wipe out humanity?

Really shows how scientists are still trying to create artificial life.“Scientists today lined up to air their fears over a genome pioneer’s claims that he has created artificial life in the laboratory.” Thankfully they are some scientists that oppose these experiments.“In a world first, which has alarmed many, maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur Craig Venter, built a synthetic cell from scratch.If a scientist can create an actual living cell then given time it makes one wonder what else can be created and what are the boundaries to human science research.“The creation of the new life form, which has been nicknamed ‘Synthia’, paves the way for customised bugs that could revolutionise healthcare and fuel production, according to its maker.But there are fears that the research, detailed in the journal Science, could be abused to create the ultimate biological weapon” this raises more questions like how would the safety of this information be assured not to fall in to the wrong hands.When someone hears the term ‘mad scientist’ they tend to think science fiction or that is only in movies.They do not realise that there are actual scientist out there dedicate their life’s work to creating artificial life and new species that could shape the future and change the balance of nature as humans know it.” (The Island of Doctor Moreau) His work is different to Victors because it surrounds the concept of fabricating these grotesque part-human part animal hybrid creatures.It seems that Moreau wants to become a kind of God-like figure, and to rule over his new race of ‘people’. It is understood that he wants to create life but the speed with which he wants to do is like that of God in the book of Genesis.


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