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She had imagined the horror of the tiger eating her lover, and on the other hand, she was tormented by the thought of her lover marrying someone else whom she hated. However, it was in her power to decide to whom she would lose her lover.

The narrator ends the story in suspense, letting the readers decide the outcome.

The message is clear that life is based on the choices we make.

For example: the lover's complete trust in the princess to show him the correct door.

The trial day unfolds the truth of the princess's revelation on which of the doors would either set her lover free or kill him.

◆ This system of justice enthralled the audience as the fate of the accused was in his own hands.

They loved the experience of sitting at the edge of their chairs to witness the outcome―freedom or death.◆ The story proceeds further with an interesting twist to it where the king's daughter―the princess―falls in love with a commoner.

The emotional upheavals of losing her lover to another woman or the tiger, brings out both sides to her nature.

From the possessive, detesting side to a merciful, loving one, the princess's emotions are tossed from side to side like a storm causing the boat to rock from side to side.◆ Irony is present throughout the story.

Unfortunately for her, the maiden is also in love with the commoner, and the princess detests her for that.◆ Finally, on the day of the trial, she sits along with her father―the king―in the arena to witness the final outcome.

As the accused lover is presented before the king, he looks up to her, and she signals with her right hand indicating that he should take the right door.


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