The Sun Also Rises Essay

These women represent three very divergent ways of being a woman, and presumably, their interior lives must reflect these differences.

Despite the limited interior perspective that Hemingway provides, and his relentless focus, instead, on action, his women are nonetheless vivid and memorable characters The four women who appear in greatest detail in are Georgette Hobin, Frances Clyne, Mrs.

She is an odd mixture of sexiness and androgyny, affection and withholding, sexual promiscuity and integrity, class and degradation.

This “remarkably attractive woman “ (in spite of an awkward nose) (Hemingway Chapter 13)has some attributes that suggest gender ambiguity to a modern reader.

Braddocks seems to be Hemingway’s image of ; happy wife to a relatively happy husband.

Lady Brett Ashley is the most crucial female figure in the novel.

She wears revealing clothes that are not necessarily girly, like a man’s felt hat (Hemingway Chapter 13), and often calls herself “chap” (Hemingway Chapter 3).

Although engaged to the absent Mike Campbell, she is generous with her sexual favors (Hemingway Chapter 5). Pedro Romero wants to tame her into a more traditional woman.

They range from the prostitute Georgette to the anxious Frances to the cool and androgynous Brett.

In all cases, they are depicted via their behavior, actions, and the opinions of others.


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