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The study gathered data via a self-administered o... In construing Congress’s Necessary and Proper Clause authority in this area, most commentators have argued that it is ... Davide Orsitto Nowadays, the European Integration process is challenged by a rise in anti-establishment parties proposing policies reactionary to globalization. Cristina Fasone The EU Speakers’ Conference has experienced a ‘second youth’ after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon by playing a ‘quasi-constitutional’ role in inter-parliamentary cooperation, and in part... Elena Griglio and Nicola Lupo The article draws comparisons between inter-parliamentary cooperation in the European Union and at the international level. Koktsidis When ethnic groups negotiate self-government arrangements, ‘ethnic sovereignty’ lies boldly at the heart of their security considerations. Hersi The prime objectives of this study are to examine the perceptions and attitudes of Somalis toward federalism, as well as the challenges related to its adoption. Flatow This Article addresses Congress’s prerogative to implement non-self-executing treaties.

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This would do away with the need to impose ''new'' local taxes to take care of the poor.

Up to that point, the idea is a political nonstarter; too many local politicians dread the tying of taxes to welfare, and gain no money from the switch.

This proposal to decentralize power and resources proves that Mr.

Reagan can be as bold in office as he was on the campaign trail.

These elections are both uncertain, as the situation in which they intervene is unique, and cr... Domenico Giannino and Antonio Manzoni The purpose of the present paper is to find a theoretical-legal basis for the recent innovative decisions by the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice and by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the issue... Matteo Monti This paper investigates the complex relationship between asymmetry and the principle of non-discrimination from the perspective of subnational fundamental rights. However, shared competences in these areas are s... Martina Coli For a long time considered, improperly, a sort of ‘nuclear’ option, Article 7 TEU is the key EU Treaty provision in the field of values enforcement. It also prevents reform from being carried out unilaterally ... Fotios Fitsilis Parliamentary administrators have to cope with a complex and ever-changing procedural framework, as well as with conflicting demands from the policy side. Diane Fromage Interparliamentary conferences and other permanent forums for interparliamentary cooperation are blossoming in the European Union. Francesco Palermo The paper contends that bicameral systems, irrespective of their differences in composition and powers, are unfit to represent territorial interests in the national decision-making process, except in some resid... Arthur Benz In federal and regionalised states, bicameralism constitutes shared rule between levels of governments.

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Italy, one of Europe’s founding nations and largest economies,... Roberto Castaldi The 2019 European elections are characterised by many novelties and paradoxes: for the first time they have acquired a high political salience, also thanks to the cleavage between nationalist and pro-EU part... Nicola Lupo The elections for the European Parliament that will take place on 23- will most probably disprove the second-order nature of the European elections and invert the steady decline in voter turnout, f... Diane Fromage At the end of May 2019, European citizens will be called to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. Tiago de Melo Cartaxo Environmental protection and sustainable development are competences that the EU is entitled to integrate into the definition and implementation of its policies. Dias Pinheiro COSAC has played an active role in fostering and developing interparliamentary cooperation since it has proven to be an effective model that has helped shape a supranational layer of influence for NPs. It recognises that, notwithstanding a strong international imprint, inter-parliamentar... The constitutional nature of self-determination and the extent of t... María Reyes Pérez Alberdi The aim of involving state members in reforming federal constitutions is to guarantee them the autonomy that they have been constitutionally granted.

The President suggests we pass the decision on welfare down to the people close to home.

Liberals see these local voters as a pack of heartless skinflints; conservatives see the decision-making close to home as a useful discipline to curb the explosion of welfare costs. Reagan proposes to transfer the revenue from national sales taxes to the states, ultimately giving them the right to take over all taxation of booze and butts, and maybe gasoline.

On the domestic side, the real Reagan is in the White House and all's right-wing with the world.

(But who is this other Reagan he dragged along to handle foreign affairs?


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