Thesis Analytic Hierarchy Process A

Thesis Analytic Hierarchy Process A-35
Among more than 600 related papers published in the period 2005‐2009, a total of 232 application articles published in highly reputed international academic journals were selected and referenced in this paper.

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This method of CTA should be applied before the clinical introduction of the medical technology.

The timing of application during the development stage of the technology needs to attune to the dynamics of technological change.

The paper presents a comprehensive literature review of recent applications of AHP, and also ANP decision tools over the period 2005‐2009. (2010), "The analytic hierarchy process and analytic network process: an overview of applications", Management Decision, Vol.

Furthermore, the paper covers fuzzy AHP and fuzzy ANP extensions that are becoming popular methods in some application areas of traditional AHP and ANP.

These actors need to be satisfied with the degree of consensus they attain about the outcomes, and the quality of the outcomes.

In addition, the outcomes need to be of sufficient quality for these actors to derive practical guidelines that effectively enhance the technology’s later quality in clinical practice.TY - THEST1 - Supporting medical technology development with the analytic hierarchy process AU - Hummel, Janna Marchien N1 - date_submitted:2001 Rights: University of Groningen PY - 2001Y1 - 2001N2 - This thesis aims to develop an adequate method of CTA to influence decision making about the development and clinical application of a medical technology.The adequacy of this method is related to the timing of its application, the information used in the assessment, the consensus formation about, and the quality of the assessment outcomes.We need to have some basic comprehending of this most precious process that environment endowed us with, to make it likely for us to make alternatives that help us survive.Decision making involves many criteria and subcriteria used to rank the alternatives of a decision.Here you find examples of decision problems, structured as a hierarchy. With a click on the link the corresponding hierarchy will be shown in the AHP online tool Example from my AHP video on Youtube Link: Buy MP3 Player 1 hierarchy levels, 6 end nodes, 1 priority vectors Reference: Decision making with the analytic hierarchy process, Thomas L. So far, mathematics has assumed that all things can be assigned numbers from minus infinity to plus infinity in some way, and all mathematical modelling of reality has been described in this way by using axes ... Furthermore, this booklet covers extensions of AHP, which are typically neglected in elementary expositions of the methods.Furthermore, this method is to evaluate the quality of a technology based on a comprehensive set of criteria.This evaluation needs to reflect the perspectives about the quality of the technology of the various actors that shape technological development and clinical application.


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