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Open for comment; Most popular and scholarly writing about China’s global push overemphasizes the power of the state.

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Findings from this study of a leading Indian online retailer show that firms may enjoy gains from consumer demand on top of operational gains resulting from payment digitization.

More and more nontechnology companies are adopting digital technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning.

Valuing a company is considered a "standard" topic on my school, and it is often easier to get better grades with more "innovative" topics.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a topic that is "innovative" and also prepares me for an investment banking job?

This paper generates insights into the structure of asset price bubbles by modeling beliefs from fundamental psychological assumptions, and combining this with standard neoclassical mechanisms, such as learning from prices and speculation.

Master's Theses published prior to 2006 don't have subject headings. List by Specialization Select 'specialization', put the cursor in the search box and click 'enter'.Open for comment; Since the 2008 financial crisis, bank boards have not improved their cultural or gender diversity compared to other companies, nor are they better qualified than before the crisis.Outside directorships of bank directors and the extent of CEOs also being Chairman also remains the same.Thesis represents a critical step in your educational experience.This applies to both the final papers required by the Bachelor's Programs and especially to the dissertations required by Master of Science Programs.However, there is some evidence of better risk oversight both from managers and the board.Mobile payment apps help us keep track of shared costs but may also frustrate personal relationships. Open for comment; In the new book Fintech, Small Business, & the American Dream, Karen Mills describes how technology is opening up new capital for entrepreneurs.Experiments show that adding extra search costs to find discounted items can improve gross margins and sales by increasing the number of items inspected and serving as a self-selecting price discrimination mechanism among customers.The financial crisis of 2007-2008 revived academic interest in price bubbles but many conceptual questions remain open.theses, and especially the difference between theses and RESEARCH theses.Recall that the latter type strives to give an innovative contribution to a reference literature.


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