Thesis For History Day

Thesis For History Day-15
Primary sources help you develop your own interpretation and make your project lively and personal.As much as possible, your research should be balanced, considering the viewpoints of all relevant groups.Each word or number in the text of the paper counts as one word.

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However, you need to make sure that you cite sources just as you would for a traditional paper or in a performances use primary sources like letters where appropriate. You can make up the character, but the circumstances and events of the character’s life and which that character witnesses or participates in should be based on historical facts.

If you are writing a traditional research paper, not a creative paper, it is best not to use a fictional character.

The following are examples of how student composed words are counted on exhibits: Yes, the title page, process paper, and bibliography are considered as being separate from the exhibit and do not count towards the 500-word limit for the exhibit itself.

The text of the historical paper (Title page, notes, annotated bibliography, illustration captions, and appendix materials that are directly referred to in the text do not count) must be no less than 1, 500 words and no more than 2, 500 words in length.

Your paper should be grammatically correct and well written.” The Rules state, “A performance is a dramatic portrayal of your topic’s significance in history and must be original in production.” A performance is not simply an oral report or a recitation of facts.

You can make up characters to make a broader historical point, but don’t make up history.The more good sources you have, the better, but don’t pad your bibliography.Only list items which you actually use; if you looked at a source but it didn’t help you at all, don’t list it in your bibliography.A description of no more than 500 words explaining how you conducted your research and created and developed your entry.You must conclude your description with an explanation of the relationship of your topic to the contest theme.Each part of a name counts as one word, so “Mark Van Doren” would count as 3 words.Each part of a date counts as a word, so “June 13, 2002” would count as 3 words.It also does not apply to quotations from primary sources such as oral history interviews, letters, or diaries. However, if a student does use his or her own words in a timeline or on a graph, those words do count.The 500 word limit applies to any student-composed written materials used in any media devices (computers, slides, video) and/or any supplemental materials.While performances must have dramatic appeal, that appeal should not be at the expense of historical accuracy.Therefore, clearly it is possible to have fictional characters, for example, writing a fictional diary.


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