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Thesis Mathematical Modeling-76
Hawkes - Mesh Movement Algorithms for Non-linear Fisher-type Equations P. Parry - Construction of Symplectic Runge-Kutta Methods and their Potential for Molecular Dynamics Application. Swain - Numerical Investigations of Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes. Jelfs - Conjugate Gradients with Rational and Floating Point Arithmetic M. Fletcher - Numerical Approximations to Bouyancy Advection in the Eddy Model. Fulcher - The Finite Element Approximation of the Natural Frequencies of a Circular Drum. Green - A Financial Model and Application of the Semi-Lagrangian Time-Stepping Scheme.

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Training of mathematical modeling shows the students how to apply mathematics in real life, which is also a motivation for learning the subject. Materials of 10 Interregional scientific-practical conf. of teachers of innovative educational institutions and universities. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 10(5), 455-469.

The purpose of the research is to identify elements of mathematical modeling that can and should be appropriately formed at the secondary school. Intersubject communications and applied orientation of the school course of mathematics in classes of biological profile (Doctorate Dissertation).

Burton - Re-iterative methods for integral equations.

Hobbs - A moving finite element approach to semiconductor process modelling in 1-D..

Sadhra - Investigating dynamical systems using the cell-to-cell mapping.

Wilson - A refined numerical model of sediment deposition on saltmarshes. Bishop - The modelling and analysis of the equations of motion of floating bodies on regular waves. Olwoch - Isothermal autocatalytic reactions with an immobilized autocatalyst. Stoke - Eulerian methods with a Lagrangian phase in gas dynamics. Coad - 1-D and 2-D simulations of open channel flows using upwinding schemes. Ali - Application of control techniques to solving linear systems of equations.

Garvie - A comparison of cell-mapping techniques for basins of attraction.

Gnandi - Alternating direction implicit method applied to stochastic problems in derivative finance. Hudson - Numerical techniques for conservation laws with source terms..

The leading method of the research is the analysis of the structure of the mathematical modeling process and the development of a system of tasks aimed to form training activities that are adequate to the identified elements.

The authors offer to use the system of changed tasks contained in school mathematics textbooks.


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