Thesis Of English Education Department

A project becomes a thesis only after this first semester if the advisor and student agree that it can be submitted for possible honors. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly is usual, but details are left to the student and the advisor.

Observing these expectations, however, is crucial for the project to continue for a second semester. During mid-semester registration the student discusses with the advisor whether the project should continue.

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Please submit 3 spiral-bound copies to the DUS office (303AA Allen), along with an electronic copy via email to [email protected]

See these samples for help formatting and binding your thesis before submission:​ Three levels: Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction.

For a project “in progress” (IP) no grade is recorded for the first semester’s work. That decision is made, finally, at the advisor’s discretion. Next, they should discuss the potential three members of the thesis examining committee: the advisor, another member of the English department, and an outside evaluator from another Mount Holyoke department or program or from another of the Five Colleges.

The student or their advisor then asks two committee members whether they will serve.

Whereas the standard major in English asks for a total of ten courses, students pursuing honors in English will take nine courses plus either two independent studies or a home seminar to be followed by an independent study.

You must apply for approval to register for independent study.


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