Thesis On Sojourner Truth

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On March 12, 1971, the State University of New York at New Paltz dedicated the new library to Sojourner Truth for her connection to the region, and the powerful impact of her work.

An influential abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Truth was born into slavery in Ulster County in 1797.

Sojourner Truth was able to make pivotal contributions towards the fight for racial and gender equality.

May, 1867, and the Eighth Anniversary of Negro Freedom on the New Year’s Day in 1871.

Another critical accomplishment that Sojourner Truth was able to make was seen during the Civil war.

Here, Sojourner Truth engaged in various activities in an attempt to raise food and clothing contributions for the black people.

As an African American, Sojourner Truth was in a good position to understand the sufferings that the blacks went through under the effects of racism.

It was in 1864 that Sojourner Truth met Abraham Lincoln at the White House to bring out her views about what she observed around her.

The fact that Sojourner Truth also talked from experience, in regard to how she suffered as a slave even for minor issues such as failing to communicate in English, also helped greatly in making people understand her cry and thus take necessary actions aimed at facilitating equality and justice for all (Wooden 112).

Sojourner Truth got involved with various religious groups that she considered relevant in fighting for justice and fairness.


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