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Most webcam drivers were buggy, ALSA had not been released yet and full-duplex audio was something difficult to achieve.General performance could also be an issue, especially when most efficient codecs were closed source.

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R and gnuplot do have tikz devices which you definitely should consider to use for your plots.

They are not only fixing the issue of the embedded fonts, but also make the graphs look much nicer as they are plotted as native La Te X figures.

Sonic Wall devices have Qo S configuration options in the Enhanced OS version.

We use this internally to prioritize Vo IP and Citrix traffic on our VPN tunnels.

Most of the time this setup works great, but if someone opens a file on a server at the 'other' end of the link the call quality drops off.

Is there some easy (and cheap) way we can make the Vo IP traffic a higher priority?Consider a SMB packet which has traversed your bandwidth limited download link and reaches the Sonic Wall.The Sonic Wall sees that this is Windows file sharing, which is low priority, and drops or delays the packet due to higher priority Vo IP that is also being received.It PAINS me to point you here but this question appears to have been asked on before, perhaps you could look there too. However, this requires a least basic understanding of La Te X, Markdown and Scrivener itself.It may depend on which model of Sonic WALL Firewall and its software you have but you should be able to define a 'Quality of Service' (Qo S) for your Vo IP traffic.This can be complex and implementing this may require some professional help.The guys there all have Aastra Vo IP 'hard' phones on their desks.The main office and branch offices are linked together via a VPN (using two Sonicwall Firewalls) the Vo IP PBX we have is a Trixbox installation, interfacing to 4 PSTN lines.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange We have recently opened a branch office for developers to work out of.


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