Thesis Statement On Penalty

It should present the writer’s viewpoint without dismissing or demeaning the viewpoints of others.For example, in a thesis that advocated the death penalty, you would not want to refer to those on the other side of the issue as "bleeding-heart liberals." In addition, the thesis has to be supportable.Show the reader why your way of seeing the issue is valid in certain circumstances.

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Avoid these ineffective writing strategies that will waste your time and likely earn you a poor grade.

Cliches are tired, old expressions that are overused and don’t add anything new or original to your writing.

Your goal is not to present an angry rant about the legalities of capital punishment. Can you use Wikipedia, or do you have to use peer-reviewed journal articles?

If you need sources, what type of citation style is required? These are all basic components, but they’re important.

In order to get an adversary to listen to an opposing idea, it is important to treat him or her with respect.

This means being willing to see worth in that conflicting viewpoint.With your topic firmly in place, write a thesis statement that identifies the specific focus of your topic.Keep in mind that if you’re writing an argumentative paper, your thesis will be argumentative too.It is important that the Rogerian thesis be delivered in neutral, non-adversarial language.The thesis should not be an attack on the opposition.They just take up space and weaken your credibility because readers will think you don’t have any specific evidence to support your arguments.Unless you’re in a religious studies course or you’re specifically assigned to write about the death penalty from a religious point of view, you should generally steer clear of faith-based arguments. Before you begin, make sure you understand your assignment.This concession of merit may even lead into your thesis statement, as in this example from a Seton Hill professor: “Regardless of whether the fetus is entitled to legal protection, society as a whole will benefit if we treat a high abortion rate as symptomatic of a greater social illness.Identifying and addressing that illness will do more practical good than endlessly pitting the rights of a woman against the rights of her fetus." The Rogerian structure includes the following parts: An introduction that gives a fair assessment of the opposition; a section detailing the viewpoints of the opposition and stating where you see merit in their views; the thesis statement that shows how you have taken the opposition into account but have still developed your own perspective; a section of support for your thesis that illustrates why it is valid; and a conclusion that illustrates why your position is beneficial to those on both sides of the argument.Writing a thesis statement for a Rogerian argument essay uses this same idea while incorporating the specific idiosyncrasies that create this type of paper. Rogers felt a person should suspend judgment on a topic until he or she had listened to the adversarial point of view.Once this happened, a person would be capable of coming to a well-rounded conclusion that would take into account this alternative perspective.


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