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However, leaving a child alone to watch whatever show is on can be dangerous to the child in the long run.

With the amount of violence on television, parents should not allow the television to Since children’s programs account for nearly ten percent more television violence than the violence portrayed on other shows, more and more children are seeing their heroes commit acts of violence (Hepburn).

A: First, group your subtopics together as much as possible.

Even if a section has multiple components and paragraphs, as long as all of those paragraphs relate to the same subtopic, you can mention only that main subtopic in your thesis statement roadmap.

Thesis Statement: Unsupervised children who watch violence on television exhibit violence in their everyday lives and develop into aggressive adults.

“Research shows that television violence increases levels of aggression, fear, and desensitization among some who consume it” (Hamilton).On television today, over a third of the programs present violence as humorous and tend to trivialize the brutality (Hepburn). Therefore, when hitting someone with a baseball bat is made to look like a big joke, children will think that “jokes” like that are acceptable.In the real world, however, “jokes” like that have consequences.Therefore more and more children are getting the message that violence is acceptable.Violence on television is made to look socially acceptable by being portrayed as comical.I’ve noticed that by far, the most hits on this blog come from my post on thesis and outline generators, so I thought I’d take a minute and write about the formula for a good thesis statement. (2) Children who spend more time with their parents are proven to do better in school and have larger vocabularies. Opinion: While there are some educational television shows out there, nothing can replace the learning that comes from loving human interaction; therefore, Roadmap (3 parts) (1) More human interaction would benefit kids by helping them learn how to interact with and treat others in a real world context.I asked these lads where the manager's house was situated. They gave us one look—a look that did not need to be repeated. Scientists are testing the bones to determine whether they are hers. the significance of the wall between himself and others C.Then they ran from us as fast as their legs would carry them. The skeleton was found inside Magdeburg Cathedral in Germany. If the bones are Eadgyth's, they will be the oldest complete set of remains of any English royalty. that imprisoning him would not solve the problem D.This quotation by James Hamilton briefly summarizes the potentially negative effects of television on young minds.A child’s favorite television show can keep a child occupied while the mother prepares dinner or makes a quick trip to the store.


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