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Such as in the case of Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye, his fear is toward the wrath of his father.He is afraid of defying his wishes and having his father severely beat him.

he [Okonkwo] always found fault with their effort, and he said so with much threatening. Okonkwo believes that assertive authority is the way to raise a boy to a man, but little does he know that being violently assertive will result in his son losing respect and completely resenting him.

The traditions and values in a society or civilization are essential for its fate and future well-being.

This defiant assertion demonstrates Obierika direct disagreement on the full authority of the religion.

It may be assumed that Obierika wants a change in this society where the full control of religion is minimized and transferred to the hands of the people.

Many times, a society’s health is being reflected upon individuals and group attitudes toward the traditions and values.

The author, Chinua Achebe explains this idea through the novel Things Fall Apart in which the Umuofian values of religion, personal achievements, and male superiority are questioned by many individuals.Being the most supreme ruler, the Oracle has the absolute power in making arbitrary decisions in both social and political issues.The Oracle is fixed in its decisions and not tolerant of any changes.Therefore, even the most far-fetched decisions are expected to be carried out in full obedience.In the scene where Ikemefuma is told to be killed, the messenger, Ogbuefi Ezedu confronts Okonkwo and says “The Oracle of the Hills and the Caves has pronounced it.Most importantly, without a body of legislatives, there is a separation between low class of tribal members and the high class of religious members, which weakens the tribe as a whole.A similar situation is shown by where “old people and twins are left in the Evil Forest to die” (Sarr 2).These questions spark conflict among the tribe and its people.As a result, the inflexible Umuofian traditions and values cause the culture’s to fall apart.Nwoye, son of Okonkwo describes seeing twins left in the forest as the same “feeling” when Ikemefuma is killed (Achebe 62).This feeling that Nwoye had eventually made him realized the cruelty and immorality of the tribe’s beliefs.


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