Tobacco Tax Essay

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Accumulated evidence shows that this argument is flawed.

While high taxes may create incentives for illicit trade, different country experiences show that illicit trade can be controlled by legal means (e.g., use of prominent tax stamps, serial numbers, special package markings, health warning labels in local languages, adoption of uniform tax rates nationwide that facilitate successful collection at the points of manufacture and import) and by increased law enforcement (e.g., improving corporate auditing, better trace and tracking systems, and good governance).

authorized, suspended and cancelled registrations). In most cases, the amount of security required is equal to three months' tax, subject to legislated minimums which range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on registration type(s).

Acceptable forms of security include: To maintain tobacco tax accountability, the ministry requires registrants to file monthly tobacco tax returns.

Fines and penalties may apply if returns and payments are not received by the due date, are incomplete or tax is not remitted in full. Once you register with the Ministry of Finance the ministry will mail to you each month a personalized return.

You must complete this return, even if you did not have any activity during the reporting period. Please call the Ministry of Finance at 1‑866‑ONT‑TAXS (1‑866‑668‑8297).Cigar wholesalers and manufacturers with direct sales to consumers must be designated as cigar tax collectors.Tobacco tax collectors and registered importers who deal in cigars must also become cigar tax collectors.You can file your return: If you use ONT‑TAXS online, you can elect to stop receiving paper returns by clicking the Change in Issuing Returns link.Registrants must keep, at their principal place of business, records and books of account for all tobacco product purchases and sales for seven years. Completed tobacco tax returns, along with any tobacco tax collectable and payable, are to be delivered to the ministry by the 28th day of the month following the end of your reporting period.Learn about Tobacco Tax Rate Increases Download: historical tobacco tax rates Tobacco products sold in Ontario are also subject to federal excise duty and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).All consumers of tobacco products in Ontario must pay the tax, except: Under Ontario's First Nations Cigarette Allocation System, certain wholesalers may be authorized by the ministry to sell limited quantities of unmarked cigarettes and fine cut tobacco to authorized reserve retailers, for sale to First Nations.The report outlines some important lessons about how to effectively implement this policy measure to achieve the public health objectives of tobacco taxation, based on empirical evidence: And, I will add, international trade agreements, such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is being negotiated by 14 countries (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam), could help curb smoking globally if related public health measures adopted by participating countries are protected from the threat of litigation from the tobacco industry.The report also warns countries against accepting the industry’s argument that illicit trade of tobacco products will thrive if taxes on tobacco products are increased.This is required not only to shine light upon this deadly but entirely preventable threat, but more importantly, to promote effective and sustained action to deal with it.A new World Health Organization (WHO) report on tobacco taxation, launched today in Manila, raises a troubling question for policymakers across the world: If, as shown by scientific evidence, tobacco is a leading global disease risk factor, why then are so few governments levying appropriate levels of tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products?


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