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With the help of this technique, Boots UK make attempt to make well-organized workplace so that high quality products can be made with zero defects.The particular quality management approach ensures that workplace is clean, safe, secure, undisturbed and well organized for carrying out the work.Business organizations are undertaking different methods and approaches for the quality management and quality assurance so that customers feel utmost satisfaction from the products and services.

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It has been seen that company has framed certain benchmarks related to achieve the set results by producing the best quality products.

Boots UK undertakes a rigorous quality management and control activities in order to make sure that the products are of the best quality and specifications.

The term quality can be defined as “fitness for purpose” which is related to give the utmost satisfaction to customers from the products and services (Oakland, 2014).

Quality can also be defined as a standard to evaluate the actual specification and features of the product and services.

This, small survey was done in order to understand the satisfaction level of customers with regard to Boots UK cosmetic products.

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From the secondary research, it was found that the company undertakes different approaches and methods to ensure better quality management and control in the overall business activities (Pizam and Ellis, 1999).Along with that, work flow can be carried out in the efficient and effective manner which will result in production of the best quality product. Shine defines clean, safe and secure work area to bring quality in the production process or final product.Boots UK gives significant importance on hygienic workplace condition to bring the best quality in the products (Fahmy, 2014).By taking this aspect into account, Boots UK has made its production plant in such a way that no idle time or wastage of resources arise.Company has designed its production process or say machines and rollers in a well-defined manner (Bergman and Klefsjo, 2003).Management of Boots UK adopts this process to bring improvements and effectiveness in the overall production process of the organization.From the secondary information, it has been found that company also provides regular training and development to the employees to bring competence in them regarding quality management and control (Kanji, 1995).In the primary data research, following things were identified- Do you think products of Boots UK are competitive with respect to the other rivalry firm products?From the above response of respondents, it can be seen that majority of customers think that the products of Boots UK are competitive with respect to other cosmetic product brand firms.When the question was asked to the respondents that whether BOOTS UK is effectively meeting their expectations or not related to the standard quality product then majority of respondents, that is, 18 out of 30 stated that the company is successfully living up to their expectation related to offer the best quality product.At the time when respondents were being asked that what quality related aspect they see in cosmetic products then majority of respondents gave their response in the favor that they do not want to see any type of harmful substance in the product which could damage their skin.


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