Town Planning Dissertation

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Using the Internet as a Planning Tool in Public Participation Because of their rapid implementation into the home and work place, personal Computers have provided the infrastructure to allow the Internet to become a widely used and expansive tool for communication. The rationale is that contemporary development form, that ignores established development patterns and physical characteristics, erodes the identity and ultimate viability of centers and must therefore be addressed through the planning and development process.

Background research supporting this work included an examination of urban design theory within a planning context and the role of the planner in addressing development form and community identity.

In a broad overview of literature it is determined that a region's highly valued natural areas and features are best sustained and protected by way of an integrated natural heritage system.

This thesis describes how municipalities can benefit from the application of an ecosystem approach as well as the challenges inherent in its application within the Canadian context.

Recent student dissertation titles have included the following: Forced evictions and the London 2012 Olympic Games Link Animating public space: transformations at the Prince of Wales Junction, West London.

Further details Academy and activism in the case of the Brixton Pound.Further details In pursuit of authenticity: the gentrification of Broadway Market Here am I: language and methodology in art and urban regeneration.Further details Appropriating the grown up city: urban exploration reaches new heights Transcending normativity: the case of a Victorian cemetery Mutoid Waste Company and the mutated heritage of King’s Cross(Trans)forming gender, (trans)forming spaces: exploring the experiences of men with transgender identities in London and Yorkshire Grindr, London: Images of possibility in hybrid space Where were you when it happened?With the advances in computer technology, information systems and 3D visualization techniques, GIS provides planners with an improved tool to assist in engaging the public into a planning process in a more effective and efficient way.This thesis focuses on the discussion of the use of GIS technology to enhance information communication in a public participation planning process.Furthermore, the research determines that mandatory design regulations in the absence of a larger urban design strategy cannot address the underlying contextual matters that define the inherent identity of places.Towards Smart Growth: Examining the Implications of Redeveloping Urban Brownfield Sites Over the past few decades, the quality and vitality of urban core areas in North America have been deteriorating.Within the context of this dissertation, the implications of brownfield redevelopment will be addressed in an environmental, economic, and social context.Whenever a subject has consequences pertaining to a diverse range of important societal issues, I feel that it can be relevant to not only planners, but government officials, developers and the public.The practical application of design standards were examined by looking at established mechanisms used to incorporate design into the planning and development process.Examples of design regulation in Nova Scotia have been introduced to support the implementation of design standards through land-use planning.


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