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We want to clarify that the job as a coordinator in Star Tutor is not about subscribing to our tutor database and you are on your own to run the tuition business.

In fact, we will never open our database on a subscription basis because we treat our customers and tutors' data with utmost security and privacy.

A Star Tutor account gives you access to more than 100 tuition requests each week via SMS.

Did we mention the unique features we have in store for you that you do not get anywhere else?

You may now click on the icons in the request map to learn about the request information.

We are still in the progress of enhancing the program further.

If you are fluent in languages and enjoy customer-oriented communication, you may click here to learn about how to apply to be a coordinator.

Dear tutors, We have fixed the Google Map display issue by upgrading the coding.

The opportunity that teachers have to mold students into the men and women they are in the future is one that is exciting, crucial and highly rewarding.

When you see your students achieve their full potential and realize their dreams, that is when teachers feel that all their hard work has paid off.


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