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In each case, the thesis represents a synthesis of the student’s accumulated knowledge and skill and an opportunity to display the ideas, practices and skills learned through the program.While the master’s thesis, unlike a doctoral dissertation, does not have to create new knowledge or break new ground, it does display the student’s ability to go beyond the mere collection of information into synthesis, analysis, judgment and interpretation.Except in unusual circumstances, you must submit the first draft of the thesis to your adviser no more than three months after the performance.

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However, if you are presenting a performance, you need to arrange to have your adviser and other members of your committee see the performance.

You are responsible for coordinating schedules and for notifying committee members so that everyone can view the piece.

The adviser and defense panelists are the ultimate arbiters of whether the thesis satisfies a reasonable understanding of a project worthy of the master’s degree.

However, in general and at minimum, a successful Gallatin MA research thesis demonstrates sufficient mastery of relevant academic fields as well as a critical grasp of the scholarship and methods that currently define those fields.

This essay should be approximately 10-15 pages in length.

Technical Essay This essay is a description of the steps you actually took to physically mount your production.You should notify the thesis reviewer of the date of the performance at least one month in advance.In the event that one or more of the committee cannot attend your scheduled event, you should arrange to have the performance videotaped so people can see it later.Moreover, it should demonstrate the student’s familiarity with a substantial body of thought and literature and illustrate mastery of some self-chosen field of study.Below you will find descriptions of the three types of theses: Students pursuing the research option produce and defend a substantial research essay, the thesis of which is demonstrably related to the student’s course of study and ongoing conversations with the primary adviser.The focus of the essay is related to the artistic work and explores some aspect of that work which the student wishes to study and develop through outside research.The essay might take the form of an analysis of a performance or literary genre; a history of an art form or phenomenon; a philosophical study of an aesthetic concept; or a critical/biographical analysis of the work of an influential artistic figure.Generally speaking, the final research thesis essay should be at least 50 pages and not exceed 80 pages (not including appendices and bibliographic material).Students and advisers are encouraged to talk with the program's academic directors about these expectations whenever necessary.Each graduate student in the Gallatin School completes a final thesis as the culmination of his or her work toward a Master of Arts degree.The thesis may take one of three forms: a research thesis, an artistic thesis, or a project thesis.


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