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If more people were to demand better public transportation, of course the government would snap into action and improve the local system.The fact that this has not happened makes it evident to me that our current dependence on automobiles has resulted in a lower quality of living for many people in Toronto.

Because people are obsessed with their personal vehicles, governments have felt justified in failing to develop bus and rail networks. Despite being the largest city in Canada it has only two subway lines and just a handful of underdeveloped bus routes.

While this frustrates me quite a lot, most people simply do not care and, regretfully, the issue is never considered of even studied by our municipal government.

However, it seems that many individuals simply do not care about how much damage they do by driving their cars.

For example, my uncle drives an extremely large sport utility vehicle to work every day, even though he commutes alone.

This vehicle is not energy efficient, and I think that he ought to take a carpool to his office instead of using it.

When I asked him why he continues to drive such a harmful vehicle he responded that even though he is aware of how much fuel it uses, he does not care because of how happy it makes him feel to drive an expensive car.One example is when you push the brakes driving a gasoline based car; you are converting that energy into heat.With a hybrid car, the car takes that heat energy and stores it into the battery (Ajava).It follows our TOEFL Writing templates for independent essays.We have many more sample essays for you to read before taking the test!The question is not if these cars are more efficient and helpful to our environment, but whether consumers should invest in buying one.Many people know about hybrid cars, but just as many people don’t know exactly how they work.These cars that This comes in handy due to the fact that most cars can only go about 50 or 100 miles per charge.Hybrid cars are also much smaller than gasoline cars.For years, new technology has been, and continues to emerge in society.One aspect that has been affected greatly by it is the environment.


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