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For example, during my career in banking, I was a consultant doing regulatory issues/project management activities on one side (more of a ‘soft skill’ job), but also I was involved in risk model building and assessment (more of an ‘analytical’ job).This allowed me to understand that I much prefer analytical roles, thus my research for a new job has focused on the latter.Nevertheless, I decided to attend some of the 'Student Careers & Skills' services seminars, in particular how to build a CV and a Cover Letter, and some one-to-one sessions to assess the quality of my CV.

4) Seek help from the WMG and Warwick support functions if needed: I have already mentioned the 'Student Careers & Skills', but inside WMG there are other source of information and support available.

WMG actively look out for job opportunities for their graduates and email out about opportunities that you can apply for.

It is likely that what you liked during the masters might also be what you like in your job.

Try to focus on positions/jobs that reflect your attitudes and liking.

This, on top of the Masters work, proved to be very challenging, but I believe it was worth the effort.

I have some colleagues that also started early and they secured jobs months before the end of the Masters.1) Know yourself and what you are looking for: Easy to say but more difficult to do.It took me 5 years to understand what I like and do not like in a job/industry, and 3 different positions and companies.3) Start early and be proactive: I started to look for a job in October when the Masters commenced.This is because the majority of the best/largest companies begin to select graduates from November/December, for positions starting in September the following year (a few weeks after the end of the Masters course).They also organise employers to come and present to students at WMG about their company and job opportunities.Plus we’ve had Alumni visit WMG and tell us about their work experience since WMG.For the complete outputs from Warwick researchers please see the University of Warwick Publications service from the tab above.I was asked to write a blog about the difficulties (or not) in finding a job after the Masters course at WMG. (2011) Participant observation: a guide for fieldworkers. direct=true&db=bth&AN=4528438&site=eds-live&group=trial.


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