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Equally important is considering the time you’ll need to get things right. Allowing enough time will get you the transaction you hope for and need.Business succession planning is necessary for any business owner, especially to those close to retiring. S., more the 50 percent of small-business owners are 50 years old and above, which means a great number of business owners should already be thinking about transitioning their businesses.If you receive an offer before performing sufficient planning, you may not be positioned to take advantage of an attractive offer.

Reductions in purchase price and deal failures are common when any irregularities are discovered or any issues are inadequately addressed.

Sell-side due diligence helps to anticipate buyer concerns and satisfy expectations.

Bergman Companies: Getting Sale-side Assistance and Top Dollar Two years is a long time to wait for your company to sell, but patience pays off for full-service pavement maintenance company.

For most business owners, the process of exiting the business involves a formal transaction—whether selling to a third party or to a family member.

Whether interested in stepping away from day-to-day management but still desire cash or to control major decisions or are simply ready to monetize your business, Wipfli can help.

Wipfli’s continuity services have helped owners transition their businesses to family members, key employees, and third parties.Lay the groundwork today for the future of your business, your family, and your retirement as only you can do with a succession plan.Whether carefully staging retirement, transitioning to family, developing and retaining management talent, or responding to the unthinkable, don’t leave your business continuity plan up to chance.Categorize these attributes as absolute or negotiable to create a barometer for measuring future offers.Some areas to consider: Considering your needs, goals, alternatives and tax ramifications are all important pieces to succession planning strategy.Planning and executing a successful business continuity strategy encompasses many different components.Your team will include a combination of appropriate experts based on the organizational dynamics as well as the needs, goals and growth strategy of the owner and the business.Leveraging 28 years of experience, he assists clients in making sound decisions as they navigate the growth and perpetuation of their business.As an industry speaker, Paul is known for his lively, on-target delivery of timely topics, practical strategies, and thought-provoking insights.Business owners have immediate access to every type of financial and business support, including talent management, human resources, financial planning, M&A, accounting, tax, estate planning, investment planning, and more.The team collaborates with each owner to fully understand needs, priorities, and goals, helping to candidly identify clear objectives and evaluate options—all at the owner’s pace.


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