What To Include In A College Transfer Essay

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It's usually pretty transparent when students do this and it rarely works the way they plan.

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You need to be sincere, but also present a positive image of yourself and show how you can thrive in a new environment.

There are some very strong apprehensions surrounding transfer applicants because colleges want to make sure they aren't taking on someone else's problem student.

You've grown and learned and have so much more relevant stories and thoughts to share.

Show them the very best you on your very best day, not who you were two or more years ago.

How to Start an Essay and "Show, Don't Tell"Why This College?

Throw Away Everything You Learned In English Class What Makes an Essay Outstanding?What advice do you have for students who have a more complicated transfer history?When I was applying as a transfer student, I had a lot of trouble explaining my transfer history without having it overpower my commentary.What To Do When You're Over The Word Count What To Do When You're Under The Word Count Ending an Essay Gracefully Proofreading Tips Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have questions or come check out /r/College Transfer.Also, I do offer essay reviews for transfer applicants so PM me if you're interested as deadlines are approaching quickly. You don’t really have to mention anything about being a transfer in this.Source: transferred to NU this year The college I plan to apply first asks for my reasons for transferring from your current institution and what I hope to gain by transferring into another institution.There is another question asking how I will explore my intellectual interests at this school. I find them to be related and there be crossover in what I am writing.The analogies are broken and imperfect, but it's a bit like dating for divorced (or previously married) people or job hunting for the unemployed.Some of them have very legitimate reasons for being in their situation. Colleges want to make sure they aren't marrying someone's crazy ex or hiring the guy who got fired for poor performance (or worse! If all you do is talk about how horrible your current situation is, you won't really convince them that are a quality person who has a lot to offer and a brilliant trajectory in front of them.Generalities and abstractions are worthless here.2. Even though the scope is more specific, most of the style, theory, and approach are similar. You still need a compelling story, a well-written response, detailed examples to back up your claims, and an indirect method of explaining who you are (see the "Show Don't Tell" link below).Be specific about yourself AND the college you're applying to.3. Honestly transfer essays are a lot harder because most of the prompts tend to bait students into talking negatively about why they're looking to transfer or what is wrong with their current situation.


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