Why Are You In College Essay

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And how do your past experiences or future goals support these claims?It’s likely that many schools to which you apply will as the why question in slightly different ways (and with a WIDE range of word limits).

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Why essays can be tricky because they can quickly veer into incredibly generic territory.

No matter what, there are two essential components to a successful why essay: in-depth knowledge of a school and a convincing demonstration of personal interest. Is there something specific in the curriculum that calls out to you? Are you excited that there is a super active volunteering community?

Taking a general factor like “urban research university” or “small liberal arts college” and linking it to both your interests and the school’s opportunities creates a thoughtful and unique answer.

When all’s said and done, you want to have painted a picture for the adcom of what it would be like to have you on campus.

The point being that mentioning things like weather, location, sports, prestige, and other non-distinguishing factors is not going to wow an adcom.

Too often do students fall into the trap of making this essay all about the college and not about themselves.

If they were to follow you around for a day, where would you be going? How would you be interacting with their community and how would you make the most of all their school has to offer?

In doing so, you must be concise and direct, as these prompts often come with a tight word cap.

The best way to go about this is by combining the strengths and interests you’ve expressed in your application with what this school has to offer in order to create a cohesive answer to their question.

For instance, saying you want to go to a school because it is a research university in a big city isn’t a very compelling reason on its own.


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