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We can know with some confidence a great deal about it: not only what it was like but what it most certainly wasn’t. For an advertisement to have enough potency to generate a £50,000 sale 30 years later, we can be certain of much more.Crucially, there would have been a client – perhaps an individual, perhaps a number of senior Aston Martin executives – who knew that the car they were offering for sale was a great deal more than the sum of its mechanical parts.But the essence of Aston Martin, as captured in the advertisement, had remained alive; and perhaps even been enhanced.

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It provides guiding questions to be considered by the reviewer.

2 Stars and a Wish Guide The 2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters provide ideas to help students start completing a peer review.

Many years ago, the late Len Heath, then in his mid-forties, sold his interest in an advertising agency and took me out to lunch.

Afterwards, he offered to drive me back to my office.

A bold claim, certainly; and one impossible to quantify; but no one in marketing can doubt its truth.

Not all advertisements, however, have such investment value.He joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1975, and was group finance director from 1977 until 1984.Often referred to as “the third brother,” he designed and carried out many of Saatchi’s agency acquisitions.A price promotion advertisement, for example, will contribute nothing to the worth of the brand; indeed, it may actually devalue it.Online advertising can be exceptionally effective at triggering immediate action; but research studies reveal it to be far less effective than traditional mass media at building and nourishing brands over time; though not, it’s important to emphasise, at the expense of immediate sales.Yes, they might have wanted to draw attention to its brake horsepower and its powers of acceleration and any other factual aspects of its competitive performance that could be expressed in hard, verifiable numbers.But they would also have known that there was something about this car that defied definition or deconstruction.Born in London, Sorrell was educated at the independent Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School then Christ’s College, Cambridge, and has an MBA from Harvard University.He joined Glendinning Associates, and James Gulliver and then worked for sports agent Mark Mc Cormack.I protested – my office was no more than 10 minutes’ walk away – but Len insisted. It was a shining, stunning, elegant, arrogant, latest-model Aston Martin. Its intention would have been to reinforce the facts and feelings about Aston Martin that already existed; to increase its wantability; and so to sell as many Aston Martins as possible, both immediately and forever: while never seeming desperate to do so.It was the first time I’d been inside an Aston Martin and it didn’t disappoint. The client and their agency would have known that only a tiny proportion of individuals could afford an Aston Martin so they must have considered running an exclusively direct mail campaign.


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